Incriminator Audio 20.1 Monoblock Amplifier

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The 2013 IA20.1 is the 3rd Generation amplifier that dates back to 2004, this model is the foundation of all other IA Series amplifiers. IA Series amplifiers are size for size, some of the most powerful amplifiers available to car stereo enthusiasts. This versatile amplifier is capable of producing power levels that can be used by both a serious competitor and the hardcore daily driver. The new IA20.1 is also a plug and play unit, which means that internal modification is not necessary to achieve competition level power output and also allows competitors the flexibility of running either a 12V or 16V setup, as its 19 volt stable. These amplifiers also come out of the box with the ability to be linked, or "strapped" together to double the power with one unit acting as the Master and the other the Slave. This model also now comes with Mirror Technology so you can match output and crossover settings from every unit by the Master, with an infinite number of Mirror amps.


Digital Class-D Linkable Mono Block Amplifier

Dual MOS-FET Pulse Width Modulation Power Supply

1 Ohm Stable Topology / 19 Volt Stable

Heavy Duty 3 Oz Copper Layer Double Sided Epoxy PCB

Extremely High Tolerance Electrical Components For Reliability

Proprietary Custom Tooled Heatsink with Onboard PCB Support For Vibration Resistance

High End Silver Tiffany RCA Inputs with Metal Potentiometers

Black Molded Oversized 1/0 Power and Ground Inputs

Advanced Strapping with Mirror Technology

Multi-Layer Bullet Proof Protection Circuit

Remote Bass/Gain with Clipping Indicator

1 Year Limited Warranty

Rated Power ( 14.4V at 1% THD ) IA20.1

RMS Power - 2 Ohm Linked : 4800W

RMS Power - 1 Ohm Mono : 2400W

RMS Power - 2 Ohm Mono : 1200W

RMS Power - 4 Ohm Mono : 600W

Low Pass Filter ( 24dB/Oct. ) : 35Hz - 250Hz

Subsonic Filter ( 24dB/Oct. ) : 10Hz - 50Hz

Frequency Response ( +/- 1dB ) : 15Hz - 270Hz

Bass Boost ( 45Hz ) : 0 - 9dB

Input Sensitivity ( Volt +/- 5% ) : 6.0V - 0.2V

Signal / Noise Ratio : 95dB

Dampening Factor ( 1 Ohm ) : 350 +

Operation Mode : Master/Slave/Mirror

Power Efficiency ( 4 Ohm ) : 85%

Fuse Rating ( 14.4V ) : 250A

Fuse Rating ( 14.4V Linked ) : 500A

Power Input Connection : 1/0 Gauge

Operation Voltage : 8.5V - 19.0V

Speaker Output Connection : 8 Gauge

Dimensions ( Inches ) : 7.48 W x 2.24 H x 20.47 L

Dimensions ( Millimeters ) : 190 W x 57 H x 520 L