Incriminator Audio Death Penalty Subwoofers

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The Death Row is a much larger diameter motor that has more motor strength and superior cooling compared to the last model. The new DR motor is a triple stack that allows for larger excursion and has an internal shorting ring to help with inductance. 


The Death Penalty has a much larger diameter motor that has more motor strength and upgraded S.T.A.R. cooling. The new DP motor is a double stack magnet with a sandwiched piece of steel between the two magnets that is machined to allow the S.T.A.R. cooling to work effectively. This sandwich of steel and magnet is covered by our new recessed magnet boot that feature the IA and Death Penalty logo. The rear vent has been moved to the sides to allow the driver to cool effectively when there isn’t adequate room between the back plate vent and the box. In place of the rear vent we have placed our embossed Death Penalty logo with model indicator that is recessed to protect it from scratches. The Death Penalty motor also includes a large 8 mm shorting ring as well.  


The Shredder Package is available from Death Row to Judge Reserve Drivers. The Shredder Package includes the new Shredder basket, the new “S” Surround Cone assembly, large dual lead 10” spiders, 4 gauge interlocking terminals. 

Available in Dual 1 and Dual 2 standard as well a 12”, 15”, 18” and 21" models.
Options Include:
  • XS – Extra Spider
  • PCC – DP Coil Change - Dual 0.35, Dual 0.50, Dual 1.0, Dual 2.0
  • DC – Direct Connect
  • DU – Dustcap Laminated Print Upgrade
  • 2000 Wrms