First and foremost, our purpose is to share the sport we love and get people quality equipment while providing 110% customer service satisfaction.

WooferWarehouse spawned as an idea on the forums of after running TheBoxHouse enclosure designs

The name was collaborated on the forums until WooferWarehouse was chosen to be the best fit. Even our logo was created on the forums, in which we owe credit to Jon from Second Skin. 

Our store would not exist without the wonderful people of the forums, of which we greatly appreciate. It has been a long journey and the store is as much a part of the community as the community is a part of it. We are indefinitely thankful to each and every one of you who support us.

Furthermore, we want to let everyone know that when you purchase a product from us, you are not only supporting a community based store, but also the wonderful manufacturers that have made this possible for all of us. The very same manufacturers that provide the top notch products we carry and run in our own systems.