Q. I ordered a Incriminator Audio/ or other brand subwoofer(s) with a build time when will they ship?

A. These vary from order volume. Most IA subwoofers that require a build time ship anywhere from 10-21 business days. If time is an issue I recommend email us before to get an exact time frame. No refunds will be given due to build time. Delays can happen so keep that in mind.

Q. How much will shipping for my enclosure be?

A. We wont know until you have placed your order, paid, and we finished it. We cant get a quote until its complete due to dimensions, and weight. Once we have the quote you will then be invoiced through PAYPAL ONLY be sure to supply a PayPal email. We don’t require signature confirmation unless it’s requested. You don’t ask and we don’t give it. It does cost more so keep that in mind as well.

Q. I ordered a product and wondering when will it ship?

A. Typically expect a processing time of 1-3 business days and a transit time of 4-7 business days.


Q. I have 2 12”  sub ‘x’ on a brand ‘x’ 2500 watt amp what’s the best enclosure for them?

A. Please! Please! Don’t email us questions like this. This is what we do for a living we cant and wont give out free advice. To answer these kind of questions takes time and calculations. We offer a premium service and it cost. We aren’t in the business for free. Once you place you order you will have the best we have to offer both product wise and service wise. We offer design and build services that are second to none and we hope you understand that we cant offer this for free.


Q. How much will it cost for you to build my custom box?

A. Don’t email us for quotes we don’t give them. All quotes can be given 24/7 directly on our sites software. All you have to do is select the options you want and it adjusts the prices accordingly. We don’t have to give the quotes. Feel free to go get them anytime. If you have a problem getting a quote or its not working properly please email us and we will assist you.


Q. When will you open builds again?

A. We don’t have an ETA once the builds that are in progress are complete we will open orders again. Once builds are open that mass email will go out to the ones on the waiting list and you will then have your chance to buy your custom build. They fill up fast and we only open 1-3 at a time so be ready!

Q. Do you ship out of the internationally?

A Yes, you must contact us for quotes. Include all of your shipping info!!


Q. I ordered a custom subwoofer enclosure when will it be complete?

- A $1 shipping fee is charged up front at checkout HOWEVER the rest of the shipping charges will be  charged once the enclosure is completed shipping isnt included in the purchase prices you will be billed separately when you enclosure is completed typically via PayPal unless we made other payment arrangements no exceptions

-First off patience we will most likely not have updates every single day. 
-We have a 21 business day (Mon-Fri) build time on most orders*.
-The build time does NOT start at the time the order is placed, it starts at the time we start YOUR build.
-We build in the order placed so if you have orders ahead of you, you will have to wait for them to be completed before we start your build--This wait time is NOT included in the 20 business day build time.
-No refunds once the order is placed it, it is placed and in line for building. NO REFUNDS.
-Please be patient these builds take a lot of time and effort and we do not rush anything. Your enclosure will be worth the wait!

-You will get an email of a design for approval we can not start your build until you approve the design. If the design is not accepted and requires to be redesigned it will be $20.00 redesign fee. No exceptions! No refunds! 

-Therefore if you have any preferences on the design of your enclosure put them in the notes!!!! 

-If a build is not possible you will be refunded. We can not tell you if your build is possible until the order is placed and we have looking into your build. 


Q. I bought an enclosure design when will my build start?

A. Believe it or not we do get these questions. If you ordered a design you will receive a digital design with a cut sheet. Its not a physical box it’s a blueprint that you will take and use to build it or someone else other than us. Its simple a design is a design and a build is a build.


Q. I purchased a design when will it be completed?

A. Please allow for a 5-10 business days for your design to be processed and completed. You have 24 hours to cancel your order. If the order is not cancelled within that time frame your design is considered "started" and no refunds will be given. Read more in depth questions/answers on the product page directly.

If you still have questions feel free to e-mail us at  We usually reply within 24 hours.