Custom Enclosure Design Blueprints

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List max dimensions in inches (e.g WxHxD)
What vehicle is being used? Placement in vehicle (E.g. trunk, blowthrough, etc):
Amp used or expected power handling (Watts RMS):
Listening expectations / Music you listen to (Be detailed!):
Brand of subwoofers being used & model #

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*Please do extensive reading on our custom products. The photos above are EXAMPLES you do not place an order and get one of the few designs above. You place your order and we supply the best possible designs with your given specifications.*

*We aren't responsible for incorrect dimensions and specifications given to us whether its provided by the customer or the manufacture. We design to the specifications given to us and thats all we can do.*


We offer a service for design. That means our time is valuable. Value means something that is worth it. We love to helping out, but we can not work for free. Anytime we need to calculate something or figure something out, we are putting our time into it to get you something out of it. Hopefully our customers understand this. Its not us being rude, however it takes time and resources which are valuable and cost.

The enclosure, or 'box you throw your sub in', is arguably the most important part of any subwoofer system. The box ultimately determines the overall sound and output of a subwoofer. 

People spend hundreds of dollars on subs then drop them in a generic old box. Stop it! For just a few bucks you can squeeze everything out of your system! Stop swapping subs, stop putting them in the wrong box, and get an enclosure designed just for YOU and how YOU like it!

In a proper enclosure design, many things need to be considered for best performance. Including in it's environment (thats your car) and the expectations of the listener (thats you!). 

It is this information and knowledge that allows us to match your equipment and environment to best meet your listening expectations.

Please refer to the top tab "Custom Enclosures/Builds" and thoroughly read through our "Design Policy" section.