SMD Distortion Detector DD-1

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The purpose and benefit of the D’Amore Engineering / SMD Distortion Detector.
The purpose of this tool is to enable the installer to set the gain of an audio amplifier to match the source unit’s output level, accurately and quickly. It can also be useful for detecting distortion in the audio signal caused by poorly designed or malfunctioning audio equipment.

What is included?
The Distortion Detector (DD-1))
Protective silicon rubber boot
Calibrated Test tone CD
This manual
Pride of ownership
About the design
When you pick up the DD-1, know that you are holding a precision piece of equipment. If treated as such it should provide you with many years of reliable service. We have chosen a 9V battery as a power source for a few reasons:

They are readily available
Isolating the DD1-1 from the vehicle’s electrical system for power, guarantees that it will only measure what it is supposed to measure; the audio signal, not noise in the charging system.

We also chose an RCA input connector for a few reasons:

It makes it pretty easy to measure the output of a headunit directly, if you choose to do so
Should the harness become damaged it is easily replaceable or repairable in the field
Everyone hides these in the back of the book. We are proud of our specs, they aren’t lies, so we are putting them up front.

The Distortion Detector’s circuitry is 100% analog
Distortion Detection trigger level > 1.0% Harmonic Distortion
Guaranteed operating range of input signal is 1.2Vrms – 125Vrms. (15,000 Watts at 1 ohm) Autoranging
Signal Present LED trigger voltage 750mVrms
Low Battery LED trigger battery voltage < 5.6Vdc
Auto-shut off timer 8 - 10 minutes after ON button is pressed