SMD Distortion Detector Plus (DD-1+)

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If you are familiar with our original DD-1 tool, the new / additional features of the DD-1+ are:

Fully variable gain overlap setting from 0.0dB to 15.0dB

Ability to check the gain overlap setting of an amplifier without making adjustments to it. (Great for checking a customer’s system if it returns for warranty reasons or a tune up) Also a great way to sell a tune up.

Input voltage capacity raised to 200Vrms (40,000 W into 1 ohm)

RMS AC voltmeter built in for reference


Everyone hides these in the back of the book. We are proud of our specs, they aren’t lies, so we are putting them up front.

The distortion detection circuitry is 100% analog, digital microprocessing system used for display and calculation of overlap

Distortion Detection trigger level > 1.0% Harmonic Distortion

3 stage autoranging for wide range of input signal from 1Vrms – 200Vrms. (40,000 Watts at 1 ohm)

Auto-shut off timer 8 - 10 minutes after ON button is pressed

Battery self-test and display of condition when DD-1+ is initialized