Soundqubed 16-Gauge Speaker Wire (50ft)


Our Q-Wire is specially designed for high-end audio applications providing you and your system a crystal clear, distortion-free sound. Wire your system with ease and in phase with our color coded wire Black for Negative and Green for Positive. Q-Wire is great for installing your new QX-652's to your Q4-90, wiring up relays, toggle switches or wiring your new in-wall speakers in your home. Our Q-Wire is flexible and easy to manipulate through the smallest of areas making it perfect for use in a wide range of applications. 

Q-Wire 16 Gauge Q-Flex Wire Specs:

Cable Length
  Wiring speakers to amps, wiring relays, general 12volt wiring, 
  Home A/V video projects, electronics repair
Material  CCA wrapped in our  Q-Flex Insulator
  Black and Green