SPL-Lab RTA Pro Meter

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USB RTA METER SE was created both for ordinary people who seek to obtain the perfect sound in the car or home audio system and for professionals, who work as sound engineers in sound recording studios, concert halls, theaters and radio studios; for those, who have dedicated their entire life to the work with sound. It should be noted that the USB RTA METER SE will be definitely the subject of interest for the SQ contest fans. The given hardware-software complex is a match for such distinguished systems as Behringer and alike.

Tech Specs
CPU unit: 16bit Algorithm of processing: FFT with smoothing Inner power supply: USB port Outer power supply: is not required The signal measured: Frequency: 10Hz-20000Hz Amplitude: 90-130dB Calibrations: built-in calibrations for the TERM-LAB device (calibrations for any other similar device can be made-to-order ) Signal type: periodic, sine or square. Sockets: USB plug for work with PC Software for PC: SPL-LAB Measuring Center 2. Dimensions: (LBH) 20x197x20mm Weight (full set): G 350