SPL-Lab USB Meter - SPL Meter

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These are the best SPL meters for an awesome price. Within tenths of the much more expensive Term-Lab meter, the SPL-Lab meter is the perfect choice for anyone looking to prep for a competition, have fun at home, or even judge a local show!

Tech Specs

USB Meter

Designed to work with a computer

Only requires packaged USB cable (5FT long)

Software available for free

Accuracy- 120-179dB +/- 0.1db

Noise Floor - 90-100dB

Frequency Range - 20Hz - 120Hz

Real-time, Peak Hold, Averaging and more coming soon...

ADC Unit - 16bit

Processing Algorithm - FFT with smoothing

Inner Power Supply - USB port

Signal Type - periodic, sine or square

Software - Measurement Center 2